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Frankfurt Graduate School - FGS

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

If you are interested in obtaining a PhD degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, the FGS is there to support you in organising an attractive and successful research stay in Germany.

The Frankfurt Graduate School (FGS) has the task to support the Humanities and Social Sciences departments of Frankfurt Goethe University which in 2007 returned to its roots and became a charitable foundation under public law.

The FGS is intended to ensure the development and realisation of structured doctoral education. It has for objectives to offer the young researchers an attractive working and support environment and to ensure and further develop the quality of research and transferable skills training.

To this end, this organisation has published a brochure "Information for International Doctoral Candidates", funded by the DAAD, which will help you to understand things more accurately during the preparation time for the doctorate in your home country, as well as during the administrative and academic procedures after your arrival in Germany. 
You will find there for example, information about application requirements and short-term and long-term scholarships.

Furthermore, after successfully obtaining your PhD, there are many career alternatives as the application for a position as a junior professor. 

The pdf version in english and german, is available on the FGS website. 

Meanwhile, the Social Help Desk of the FGS with the International Office of the Goethe University are the most important locations where you will get competent help and answers to all your questions about your stay and your doctorate in Frankfurt