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Doctoral programmes in Europe?s universities : Achievements and Challenges

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

A report prepared for European Universitities and Ministers of Higher Education - 2007.

Doctoral programmes are the third cycle of the Bologna Process and at the same time constitute the first phase of a young researcher’s career.

This report is thus, the continuation of a first project “Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge society” (2003 - 2005), carried out by the EUA (European University Association) which opened a dialogue between universities and policy makers on the reform of doctoral programs and enabled the adoption of “ten basic principles” for the future development of doctoral programmes.
It presents the main findings of several workshops and a seminar held in Nice in December 2006 which brought together more than 400 academics across Europe.

New developments in doctoral programs, career development of doctoral candidates and young researchers as well as the funding of doctoral education are part of the topics covered.