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Docteurs&Co magazine, June 2008 issue now available

Fabrice Martin

The quarterly magazine for new PhDs who choose the world of companies. In this June issue: special report about Finland.

Featured in Docteurs&co #18, of June 2008

Trends: Pharma, the engine is jammed.

On the Web: research.microsoft.com ; http://www.econovista.com ; http://www.baybio.org ; http://www.iarc.fr

Special report: As Finland was guest of honour of the European Research and Innovation Exhibition this year, Docteurs&Co casted off towards Europe's most northern country and met French scientists.

How to: If starting your own business tickles you

Companies from the inside: Benjamin Guinot, from Paris to Beijing on a bike…

Career Path: Catherine Bounsaythip, CEO of Zora Biosciences Oy

Docteurs&Co is a quarterly magazine. You can subscribe for free in order to receive printed copies (in French only) in your regular mailbox or to receive an e-mail warning when a new issue is released.

From issue #10 of June 2006, English translations of Docteurs&Co articles are available online. Just click on the English flag when you reach a page in French.