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Science and Engineering Indicators?

Clarisse Faria-Fortecoëf

The 2010 edition of this "American bible" is now available.

As the 2008 edition (see our article of May 2009), Science and Engineering 2010 report published by the National Science Board, presents information on science, mathematics, and engineering education at all levels ; the scientific and engineering workforce ; U.S. and international research and development performance ; US competitiveness in high technology ; and public attitudes and understanding of science and engineering.

Furthermore, the situation and trends of the U.S. market is compared at various levels with those of Asian countries (Japan, China and others) and of the European Union.
For example, if in the field of Higher Education in Science and Engineering, foreign students have a preference for USA, the United-Kingdom, Germany and France are among other major destinations.
Among the European countries, France is also one of the main destinations of american students (2,800 according to 2008 OECD datas).
Regarding the number of U.S. S&E doctorate recipients from France, it has increased over the last two decades.
Also interesting, the information related to the temporary work visas intended for high-skilled foreign scientists.

The complete report (appendix tables, related resources…) is available on the website of the National Science Foundation (NSF).