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Fabrice Martin

The new job search website of Science Magazine and American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS). Don't miss it.
Sciencecareers.org has it all: functionalities of a modern job search web site and a various and interesting editorial content.

Of course, it is an American website and it will be more useful to find a postdoc in San Francisco than a long term contract in Maizière-les-Metz (in France, somewhere). But it's no reason to just pass by its 'Career Development' section. There, testimonies of all kind tell a simple reality: questions and problems scientists have to overcome when looking for a job or for their career path don't know any frontiers except those of research world itself. From one article to another you will jump from the advice of an American career consultant: 'you –and not your science- are the product the company is thinking about investing in', to the place of mathematicians in industry as viewed from Germany, or to the career path of a Canadian specialist of theoretical physics who has turned into a risk manager.

In the CareerDoctor section, editors answer to most various readers' letters: Is it really possible to reach the end of a PhD thesis within 3 years? How can I go back to United Kingdom after a PhD in the U.S.? How to break free from my PI?...

It goes without saying that I immediately went through the necessary steps (click on an tiny envelope and give my e-mail address) to receive some news on a regular basis…