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A quality charter for hosting foreign students

Translation by Cynthia Schoch

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has defined goals to improve the hosting of its foreign grant recipients in 74 points.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has published a quality charter for hosting foreign grant recipients. This charter defines the 74 performance indicators qualifying the responsibilities of each of the actors involved (embassies, public agencies, institutions), by which they can conduct self-evaluation to “strive toward excellence" in hosting students.

This set of guidelines has been listed in chronological order, from student orientation and selection in the foreign country and preparation for departure, down to return to the student’s home country, and including the student’s integration in the chosen host institution.

The charter will at first only apply to ministerial grant recipients. It does not fix obligations but rather outlines goals to strive toward in order to enhance the attractiveness of French curricula in the world and contribute to France’s cultural and scientific influence.