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Working in Greece

Fabrice Martin

A practical guide for foreign researchers intending to work in Greece, by the Greek Era-More Mobility Centres Network.

Prepared by the Science & Technology Park of Crete (STEP-C) and published by the Greek Mobility Centres Network, the guide "Working in Greece: a practical guide for foreign researchers" features all that a researcher should know before going to Greece: fellowships, job market, visa procedures, taxes, health, accommodation, Greek language training and, of course a very useful overview of the education system and the landscape of science and technology. A very welcomed index makes it much easier to consult and dozens of links resources and addresses will allow you to go deeper into one question or another.

A wholesome reading for who intends to do some research in Greece, but which shouldn't prevent you from getting in touch with the Greek Mobility Centres Network. They will do everything to keep your stay nice and easy.

"Working in Greece: a practical guide for foreign researchers", Science & Technology Park of Crete (STEP-C), Era-More Network, 81 pages.