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Docteurs&Co #14

Fabrice Martin

The quarterly magazine for new PhDs who choose the world of companies. March issue's top story is about "Job matching".

Featured in the issue #14 of June 2007:

Trends: National origin of PhDs and international mobility

On the Web: http://www.emploi-environnement.com ; http://www.institut-solaire.com ; http://www.lafarge.com

Top Story: Job matching. Every year, about 10,000 graduate students become PhDs. Some of them are already gainfully employed, for instance secondary school teachers in the human sciences, but many will be looking for a job: in a private in the public sector? Pause. Employers recruit: Why a PhD? Good question. In the middle, employment resources such as the Bernard Gregory Association (ABG) work to bring together the supply and demand for PhDs.

How to: CV, the fatal errors made by PhDs.

Companies from the inside: doctoral students with Airbus France ; Isaac Ojea-Jimenez, post-doc at Roche Diagnostics ; career opportunities for sociologists.

Career path: Tintin among the Incas, Maud Lachenal, PhD in contemporary history and editorial assistant at Encyclopaedia Universalis.

Docteurs&Co is a quarterly magazine. You can subscribe for free in order to receive printed copies (in French only) in your regular mailbox or to receive an e-mail warning when a new issue is released.

From issue #10 of June 2006, English translations of Docteurs&Co articles are available online. Just click on the English flag when you reach a page in French.