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Networks, science... in Korea

E. Jardin & C. Schoch

For knowing better Korea

What is the mission of the Asian network founded in 1981 by the CNRS, the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Sciences Po and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales? "To bring together teachers, researchers and experts on Eastern, Central, Southern, peninsular and insular Asia as well as Oceania." The network is naturally maintained by human and social science researchers.  In October, its website home page featured Benjamin Joinau's book on Seoul.

The Association des Scientifiques Coréens en France (ASCoF) website contains a wealth of information for its members.  Recently, ASCoF and KOFST (Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies) were looking for participants for the Young Generation Forum (YGF) to be held in Seoul in July 2008.  Participants should be of Korean extraction either residing in France or holding French citizenship, born in or after 1974, registered in the third year of higher education (at least) and be able to communicate in English.  For the lucky ones selected, plane fare to Korea is paid for, as well as room and board.

Travel to Korea
On the French ex-pat website, valuable information by country. Regarding Korea, it contains the bilateral agreement on Social Security signed in December 2004 that came into effect on June 1, 2007.

The Justice Ministry provides information on immigration procedures and the various types of visa.  

Interested in studying in Korea?  The Korean National Institute for International Education Development describes application procedures, visa application procedures, academic registration procedures, etc.  You should expect to take a (written) Korean language test.

The Korea Research Foundation offers fellowships to do a PhD ($960/month over a period of three years) or a postdoc in Korea, paid between $1,000 and  $5,000 per month depending on one's professional experience.

The Korea Science and Engineering Foundation funds scientist exchanges, including postdoctoral fellowships for foreign researchers.  

Science in Korea
on the French Embassy website under the heading "science and technology," you can sign up for the electronic bulletin to receive the latest information on Korean scientific progress.

under the heading " IT/Science" on this English-language information portal on Korea, news and statistics on R&D.  

Korea, from France
To get acquainted with Korea in France (exhibits, restaurants, etc.).

On the Korean Tourist Portal (in French), get your ear accustomed to the Korean language with audiovisual language courses.