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PhDs from the Université de Bourgogne (Burgandy)

Fabrice Martin, translation by Cynthia Schoch

458 young researchers earned their PhD at the Université de Bourgogne between January 2002 and September 2005. Who were they and what have they done since?

Since 2000, the Université de Bourgogne has regularly conducted surveys on its PhDs and their career development. The latest report, "Doctoral Research Conditions and Career Development" studied the 458 theses defended between January 2002 and September 2005. Over half of them were done in the field of "Science, Technology and Health." 60% of the degree recipients are men and the average age at defense is 29 in Science, Technology and Health compared to 35.5 in Literature, Language and Culture.

A public-sector orientation for professional integration
After the defense, 65% of the young PhDs sat for exams to qualify as university lecturers and 86% of them were qualified (which in no way means they got a position).

31% of the PhDs from the Université de Bourgogne did a postdoc in a research laboratory (nearly always connected to a university), 60% of them abroad.

It is distressing to note that two years after the defense on average, only 42% of the young PhDs have landed a stable job. 17% are still on a postdoc and nearly 13% are even on unemployment!
Among those who did find a job, 8 out of 10 are in the public sector.

Source: PhDs graduated from the Université de Bourgogne, Doctoral Research Conditions and Career Development of the Classes of 2002-2005, Cathy Perret and Lucile Chalumeau, Université de Bourgogne, October 2007.