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Research and higher education budgetary policy for 2009

Laurent Cousin

The Budget, Public Accounts and Civil Service Ministry has made the proposed law and annexes, with their wealth of financial information, available to the public. 
The proposed 2009 Finance Act is available on the Forum de la performance, a website maintained by the Budget, Public Accounts and Civil Service Ministry. One can also browse its annexes, of particular interest being those that describe the budgetary policy for research and higher education.

These  "Blue" and the "Yellow" annexes (for the color of their cover), contain a host of financial information:

- The “Blue” "Research and higher education Annex " provides a summary of the allocations (including funds for competitive exams and allocations of expected revenues) and the positions requested for 2009, described in detail by program, action, title and category.

- The “Yellow”  pertains to state actors "Report on national research and higher training policies.” It describes the measures taken to make research careers more attractive (facilitate mobility between research and higher education, integrate PhDs, improve preparation for academic careers and in the corporate world, etc.).

The proposed 2009 Finance Act provides for an annual 1.8 billion euro increase in the higher education and research budget in 2009, 2010 et 2011.