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Skills enhancement, the New Chapter in the Thesis celebrates 10 years


10 years ago three doctoral schools in the field of sciences of the universe decided to try an experiment: they asked 15 PhD students to write an extra chapter.

Pierre Léna, currently a member of the Academy of Sciences and formerly president of ABG was at the time director of the “Astronomy and Astrophysics of the Ile de France” doctoral school: "Our starting point was easy: PhDs didn’t know how to present themselves to recruiters as adaptable, multitasking professionals (unlike engineers). It was therefore necessary to highlight their expertise by showing that they had managed their thesis like a project. The other key idea was that this transformation called for the intervention of a professional working outside of the academic arena…"

The following year the ABG, supported by the Ministry of Research, the CNRS and the Regional Council of the Ile de France, launched a call for projects to all doctoral schools around the country. In total, over 2,500 PhD students have participated in the “NCT” since its creation.

Find out about the 2011 campaign

ABG celebrates its 30th anniversary, 10 years of the New Chapter in the Thesis and… the next 30 years!