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Student entrepreneurship contest

Laurent Cousin

Students from a variety of fields will work together on a project to start a company. Applications are due by April 30.

The student entrepreneurship contest sponsored by the Innovons Ensemble program aims to bring students from radically different fields together to work on a common project to start innovative companies.

Several prizes are at stake for a total amount of 25,000 euros, including two stays abroad, 5,000 euros’ worth of financial aid to start a company, an internship subsidy and mentoring in an incubator setting to fine-tune your project.

15 projects will be selected in the following categories:

- The pedagogical project will be awarded to the teams that put their members’ skills to best use in the context of an innovative project.
- The company startup project will be awarded to the most advanced projects to start a company.
- The panel’s choice.

Deadline for filing applications: April 30, 2009.

Innovons Ensemble is a program initiated by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment that aims to develop an entrepreneurial culture in France. The purpose is to foster synergies between entrepreneurs, students and leading figures in innovation to cultivate a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation. More information available on the Innovons Ensemble website.