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Researchers, the new unstable intellectuals

Laurent Cousin

Young researchers make up the ranks of what Anne and Marine Rambach call “The new unstable intellectuals" in their recently published book that is not very optimistic about these highly qualified but poorly paid employees.

In their book, "Les nouveaux intellos précaires" (“The New Unstable Intellectuals,” published by Stock), Anne and Marine Rambach analyze the situation of highly qualified but poorly paid and exploited employees among which can be found journalists, professors and researchers.

The authors claim that young researchers are victims of “mental brutality” that makes them feel they are sitting on an ejection seat liable to be activated as soon as the going gets tough. The work lists the many types of incidents that can cost a young researcher his/her job: power politics, data theft, profiling of positions to fill.

The authors examine the reasons for the growing instability of researchers and are not very optimistic about the future.

"Les Nouveaux Intellos précaires " by Anne and Marine Rambach, Stock, 441 pp., 22.50 euros, ISBN 978-2-234-06127-9