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"Young engineers and young researchers" day at the IMdR

Laurent Cousin

The IMdR has issued a call for communications to young researchers who wish to present their research on risk control during the daylong "young engineers and young researchers" event that will be held on March 18. Deadline for submitting abstracts: January 15

The Institut pour la Maîtrise des Risques (IMdR – Institute for Risk Control) will hold its "young engineers and young researchers" day next March 18 for the second consecutive year. This event is an opportunity for young researchers to present research “that reflects academic, industrial and societal concerns regarding risk control."

The IMdR has thus issued a call for communications to young researchers and engineers, for a 30-minute presentation of their current research.

Doctoral students, young PhDs and research engineers with more than 2 years’ experience are eligible to participate. Send a one-page summary of the research relating to risk control.

There is a wide range of topics, from financial risk to network security, and including life cycle management, sustainable development, accidentology and labor health and safety.

Deadline for submitting application files is next January 15. The decision will be made on February 5 for presentations to be made on March 18.

The aim of the IMdR is to help industry and public agencies to “correctly identify, assess, quantify, rank, control and manage dreaded events.” It was formed on the initiative of 14 major industrial groups concerned with risk control, including the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) and EADS.