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Intelligence(s) magazine first issue


The magazine Intelligence(s) was created in November 2010. Its goal: to become the leading magazine of the PhD community and those who work in scientific recruitment.

A summary of current PhD news, thoughts on the stakes involved in employing PhDs, the business and university worlds’ differing perspectives on the PhD, deciphering transformations in the field of research and innovation both in France and around the world… these topics all feature in the new 40 page four-monthly magazine.

Featuring in first issue

Interview with Valérie Pécresse
“It is crucial we change the way businesses view the PhD”

-Interview with Laurence Parisot
“We are discussing ways in which PhD students could benefit from a business training”

PhDs, businesses and society: 7 common misconceptions that need to be dispelled

…plus the rich and varied Panorama, Trends, Careers, Training and Around the world sections.

The first issue is available for download for free