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Sharing practices and solutions between PhD advisors/scientific team leaders - 3rd session

To cope with containment, you have probably put in place tools and a new organization for your PhD students or your team. The challenge now is to hold on in the long term: maintain motivation, team life, give attention to each individual in an appropriate way...

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On 21 April 2020 / 10h30 - 12h
Training catalogue record Supervision of a doctoral candidate
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Number of seats 8
Audience - Supervisor of PhD candidates
- Team leader
The training session will be conducted in: French

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  • Share your concerns: stopping experimental activities, setting up alternative activities, maintaining team life...
  • Adopt methods and an attitude adapted to distance work
  • Deal with the consequences of confinement on each one (depending on his/her role, personal situation and temperament)
  • Understand the impact of containment on team cohesion
  • Manage your own mood and its effect on the team, continue to perceive weak signals
  • Use Recognition Well
  • Prepare the exit from the crisis in a strategic way, avoid improvisation...


Sharing of experience: situations encountered by the participants and possible solutions implemented

Methods and advice

Putting into perspective: keys to deciphering the human and psychological issues related to containment

Address : Visioconference