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Our training catalogue

If you are a graduate holding a Master’s, engineering or doctoral degree, or are working toward your doctorate, you will find the training content you need in the ABG training catalogue.  We have designed our catalogue so that you can quickly identify the seminar or workshop that matches your training goals. Follow the recommendations!
For companies, research organizations and institutes of higher education, we can develop tailored training content to meet your needs. Contact us.

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I need a training course for

    Enhance my self-knowledge and define my career goals

  • Develop my career
  • Define my career objectives
  • Decide whether to pursue a doctorate
  • Prepare my proposal for an industry-sponsored doctoral thesis (CIFRE)
  • Learn how to identify and promote my skills
  • Deal with personal difficulties (e.g., stress, loss of motivation
  • Deal with relation inter-personal problems
  • Gain confidence as a manager

    Explore opportunities

  • Understand the research ecosystem
  • Understand how businesses operate
  • Learn what types of jobs are open to PhD-holders
  • Learn about the different ways to complete a PhD
  • Explore the job market in France
  • Identify organizations to host my doctoral project
  • Build my network
  • Use social media as a job search tool
  • Understand the process for entering a PhD program

    Prepare for the recruitment process in France

  • Understand the process for selecting PhD candidates
  • Understand the recruitment process and what recruiters are looking for
  • Optimize my applications to doctoral programs
  • Compose effective applications (CV and cover letter) for non-academic organizations
  • Prepare my applications and interviews for admission to doctoral programs
  • Prepare for my recruitment interviews in non-academic organizations
  • Learn how to impress and convince a recruiter
  • Negotiate my pay package

    Find a position abroad

  • Define and get ready for my international mobility plan
  • Explore the job market abroad
  • Compose effective applications (CV and cover letter) for international positions
  • Prepare for my recruitment interviews with international companies and organizations
  • Prepare for my return to my home country


  • To take up management
  • Supervise a doctoral candidate
  • Manage a team

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