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Post-Doctoriales ABG Ville de Paris 2023

[3 days]

Post-Doctoriales sessions are an opportunity for postdocs to contemplate how they would like to capitalize on their research background in environments other than academia. They learn to leverage their skills within a stimulating and realistic professional framework. They also have an opportunity to meet with professionals to discover new career prospects and learn how to communicate effectively to recruiters.

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Image of training session "Post-Doctoriales ABG Ville de Paris 2023"
From 18 October 2023 - 9h00
to 20 October 2023 - 17h00
Training catalogue record Post-Doctoriales
Inscription Closed
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Selection date 15/09/2023
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Number of seats 10
Audience - PhD-holder
Further information about the audience Priority will be given to PhDs living or working in Paris.
The training session will be conducted in: French

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Rate (per person) 90 € TTC
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  • Prepare for recruitment interviews
  • Communicate about your professional identity, background and skills
  • Build and maintain your professional network
  • Learn about the job market and recruitment processes
  • Broaden your career prospects


  • Introducing yourself with a creative poster
  • Recruitment process and recruiter expectations
  • Analysis matrix and methods concerning the career, the job search strategy and communication
  • Developing, maintaining and using your network
  • Role-playing in recruitment situations
  • Panel discussion: Testimonials from PhD-holders working in the business sector and from leaders of businesses representative of the job market relevant to trainees fields
Address : Paris France
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