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Apéro Doc

[4 hours, in the evening]

Discover new career options, imagine yourself in a new type of job, transform your plans into reality…. In these and many other situations, developing a professional network is a prerequisite to success. Apéro Doc is a networking event where PhD candidates meet with PhD-holders at all levels of seniority to discuss topics such as creating a business, international mobility, jobs in R&D, consulting, industrial property, technology transfer and other fields of expertise.

Companies, research institutes, universities, foundations and other organizations: please contact us to schedule an Apéro Doc.

Target audience:
PhD-holder -
PhD candidate -


  1. Identify new career options
  2. Develop your professional network in an informal setting
  3. Obtain information and advice for your career development


  1. An opportunity to meet with professionals to whom you would otherwise not have easy access
  2. Informal atmosphere


Evening sessions lasting 4 hours
  • Introduction and advice about networking
  • Panel discussion: testimonials relating to the chosen topic, by PhD-holders, business leaders and/or recruiters
  • Conversations over a drink


"I was able to make contact and exchange with one of the speakers, the discussion motivated me and allowed me to clarify my questions."
"Thank you for the advice of the stakeholders. The diversity of their backgrounds makes it clear that there are a lot of opportunities after the PhD and not just in the academic field."
"The different backgrounds of the speakers are inspiring and enriching."
“The Apéro Doc boosted my self-confidence.”
“I have nothing but praise for this initiative and the way the evening was run, as well as for the diversified list of speakers and their high calibre.”
“Very useful events that give reason to be optimistic. These are opportunities to apply some of the take-aways from the ABG workshops; they are the culmination of all your other activities.”
“It is enlightening to listen to these testimonials, and topping it all off with a cocktail party is a good networking opportunity.”
“Thank you! It was very constructive, and the ‘cocktail’ format is very well suited to these kinds of conversations and topics.”
“The information, opinions and suggestions of the speakers were very pertinent.”

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