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Themed workshop

Preparing a successful international mobility project

[0.5 day]

Doctoral candidates and PhD-holders’ jobs are, by essence, international in scope. Thus they are strongly encouraged to seek experience outside their home country. This mobility, through the exposure it creates and the capacities it develops, is an opportunity to accelerate their career development.

However, to ensure that the mobility experience will be fully beneficial, it must be carefully selected and planned. It must take your personality and career expectations into account and make sure that the type of position chosen is a good match for those objectives.

This workshop presents the keys to designing and successfully carrying out an international mobility project consistent with your personality and career objectives.

Companies, research institutes, universities, foundations and other organizations: please contact us to schedule your session.

Target audience:
PhD-holder -
PhD candidate -


  1. Analyse your motivations and goals to design a coherent international mobility project
  2. Become aware of cultural differences in the professional context
  3. Identify opportunities in academia and beyond


  1. Recommendations and information presented concerning a selection of countries most commonly associated with international mobility projects (USA, Britain, Germany and Japan) and transposable to potential opportunities in other countries
  2. Sharing of experiences
  3. Several different workshops can be combined to build a tailor-made training program


One half-day for groups of about 10 trainees

Methods and concepts to take away:

  • Designing an international mobility project
  • Using your network to fine-tune and confirm your choices
  • Presentation of the main programs available for international mobility projects
  • Awareness of cultural differences in the professional environment
  • Exploring the job market outside one’s home country
  • Preparing for the homecoming phase


“Information was concrete and useful, with avenues for further investigation of the topics discussed.”
“The workshop raised issues that I would not have thought to consider, and highlighted opportunities that hadn’t occurred to me.”
“The workshop assists with both psychological and pragmatic preparations for a post-doctoral phase abroad.”

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