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Themed workshop

Negotiating the pay package in France

[0.5 day]

“How much do you want to earn?” Sooner or later, you will have to answer this question. To demonstrate professionalism when discussing your compensation package, it is essential to come to the interview armed with information, knowledge of your “worth”, and fully prepared.

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Target audience:
PhD-holder -
PhD candidate -
Master or engineering degree holder/candidate -


  1. Learn about pay scales and the components of the compensation package in France
  2. Understand the implications of the pay package and employer expectations
  3. Learn how to broach the topic of salary and negotiate skilfully


  1. Personalized work in small groups with sharing of experiences
  2. Mix between conceptual content and practical exercises
  3. Several different workshops can be combined to build a tailor-made training program


One half-day for groups of about 10 trainees

Methods and concepts to take away:

  • Clarification of concepts relating to the pay package
  • Identification of the consequences of salary negotiations on career development
  • Preparation for salary negotiations

Practical exercise: role-playing to simulate a salary negotiation


“I want to thank you for the training workshop on pay package negotiations. It taught me a great deal, especially about what types of things are negotiable and how to ask for what I want. I was not initially comfortable with these aspects at all, but now I feel better armed to deal with them.”
“A very interesting workshop. The exercise focusing on questions that the interviewer might ask provides ‘real-world’ situational training for better preparation.”
“I received a great deal of information about the interview process, how to behave, attitudes to avoid… the right times to broach the salary issue and the right ways to negotiate.”
“The presentation was very interesting and allowed me to take stock of the situation. The practical exercise was very useful.”
“The workshop was exactly what I was expecting and I was delighted with it!”

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