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Preparing for international mobility

[0.5 to 4 days]

Working abroad is part and parcel of the career for PhD-holders and PhD candidates. In order to put this plan into practice and make sure it is beneficial, the international mobility must be arranged with due regard for all the aspects it entails. This workshop also covers how to adapt your international job search strategy to your career goals and to the customs of the target country.

Companies, research institutes, universities, foundations and other organizations: please contact us to schedule a workshop on international mobility.

Target audience:
PhD-holder -
PhD candidate -


  1. Gain awareness of the stakes of international mobility and of cultural differences in the professional context
  2. Learn about available programs for international mobility
  3. Learn how to explore the job market outside your home country
  4. Prepare for the homecoming phase


  1. Various formats are available: awareness lecture, workshop, seminar
  2. Focus can be on a particular country or on a cross-border region
  3. Interactive and game approach


Depending on the chosen format, duration ranging from one half-day to four days

Lecture or awareness-building workshop format

  • Presentation of the research ecosystem
  • Exploration of the job market
  • Advice on writing application documents
  • Each of these topics is tailored to the target country(ies)


Seminar format:

  • Definition of the career plan
  • Presentation of the research ecosystem
  • Knowledge of the job market for PhD-holders
  • Identification and promotion of skills
  • Optimization of written and oral communication during the recruitment process
  • Awareness of cultural differences in the professional context

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