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Be Basque Talent Conference - Paris 2019

The Be Basque Talent Conference is a networking event in which close and cordial contacts between the participants and the representatives of the Basque companies guarantee the building up of professional relationships in an atmosphere of trust.



Who can attend?

Information and contact


Renowned organisations such as

Ikerbasque, Achucarro - Basque Center for Neuroscience, BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, CICenergiGUNE, CICnanoGUNE, Ikerlan, Vicomtech, Tecnalia Research & Innovation

will be among the 43 companies and research institutes prepared to meet you and present their projects.


Who can attend?

Exhibitors are looking for following profiles:

  • Spanish speaker
  • Willing to investigate new opportunities
  • Keen to explore the bridges between academia and industry
  • PhD candidates and/or postdoctoral researchers from the following fields:
  1. Applied Mathematics, Computational Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Computational Biology, Computational Physics,Computer Sciences or Material Science
  2. Neuroscience, Neurobiology or Computational Biology or Computational Neuroscience
  3. Materials science or engineering, Condensed matter, Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Organic/Inorganic chemistry, Chemistry,Chemical physics, Biophysics,Biotechnology , Molecular biology or Biochemistry
  4. Energy storage: Electrochemistry, Materials Science, Solid State Chemistry, Solid Electrolytes, Advanced Electrodes or Thermal Energy Storage
  5. Dietetics and Nutrition, Technologists, Sensory analysis expert, food industry

Information and contact

Where and when?

New Cap Event, 3 quai de Grenelle, Paris

October 26, from 8:45 am to 7:30 pm


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Ander Markina