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International mobility

Informations concerning foreign countries.


MCAA 5th Annual Conference & General Assembly in Leuven

Join this event and take the opportunity to network with an active community of researchers brought together by past or present mobility experience under the European Commission’s Marie Curie Programme!



Retour sur les Postdoctoriales Transfrontalières 17'

Les Postdoctoriales Transfrontalières : l'édition 2017 du séminaire transfrontalier, organisé par l'ABG, dédié aux chercheurs contractuels et aux docteurs en recherche d’emploi s'est tenue du 6 au 9 novembre dernier au Luxembourg. Retour sur cet événement...





Programme of “Researchers without borders”: be ready for your mobility!

Here are some highlights of our programme dedicated to your mobility in Europe. Be careful, only a few seats left!


ABG needs you!

ABG is still growing on the European scene and participates in a trinational contest organised by the Bosch Foundation. ABG, together with FGU and UIF, has submitted a project dedicated to the career development of doctorate holders. Support our project by voting for it before November 8!


Recruitment process in Europe: a panel discussion by ABG for the University of Torino

For the second edition of its PhD Day organized by Lucia Salto, project manager for PhD career development at the University of Torino, ABG invited 6 speakers from  European companies to talk about the recruitment of PhDs in their organisations. The topics covered include the different steps from sourcing to recruiting, the do’s and don’ts in the application and interview, their expectations towards PhDs…


« Researchers without borders » : let’s discover your opportunities in Europe (Paris, December 11 and 12)

Do you plan to go abroad during or after your PhD? With a postdoctoral fellowship or for a position in the industry? Are you looking for country-specific information on funding schemes, employers, recruitment process, professional codes? This event is made for you!


French-German Day for Researchers

Together with the Science and Technology Department of the French Embassy in Germany, the Franco-German University and Institut Français, ABG is organising the 4th edition of the French-German Day for Researchers in Berlin on the 6th of July 2017.

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