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Coaching of experienced researchers

[2,5 days spread over 3 months]

A growing number of mid-career researchers and lecturers are considering a career change and possibly a transition to a different profession. They then ask themselves several practical questions such as "How to do it? ", "Who to meet? "How will it work financially? ", "If I leave research, can I come back to it? ». They also question their ability to make this career switch or how it will be perceived by those around them, especially their peers.

In order to support them in this process, we offer a program focused on the individual problems of participants, enabling them to work on career paths that motivate them. In some cases, the participants  wish to remain within their organization, but shift towards positions in departments such as support for research. Others want to change their organization and work elsewhere in France or abroad. Still others realize that they actually want to pursue their research career. In any case, the success of this process requires an understanding of one's own desires.


Companies, research institutes, universities, foundations and other organizations: please contact us to schedule your session.

Target audience:
PhD-holder -


  1. Take stock of your professional situation and your desire for development
  2. Acquire the key methods to manage your career development
  3. Identify and explore new career paths, plan ahead


  1. Multidisciplinary group dynamic
  2. Learning by doing and personalized support (individual coaching sessions)
  3. Meeting with researchers who have changed career paths


2 days of group training spaced about 3 months apart + 2 individual interviews in between

1st day with the group

Defining your career plan :

  • The foundations of a career plan (method and practice)
  • The professional identity

Test your project: becoming aware of professions that may be of interest for you and mobilize your network

  • Resources for exploring the job market
  • Networking approach

Individual sessions : topics addressed vary depending on individual situations (reflection on oneself, networking, working on your communication/pitch, preparing job applications or job interviews, etc.)


2nd day with the group

Feedback, co-development

Round table: testimonial from researchers who have changed their job or work environment


"The workshop allowed me to confirm my interest in research while highlighting the need for complementary and related activities. »
"I realized that evolving can mean making your dreams come true, regaining self-confidence. »
"Dare to put into words and form my feelings about my desire for change. The workshop allowed me to explore avenues that I kept "at a distance". I finally put ideas into action and contacted people, things I have been postponing mainly because I was afraid of being totally out of place and because I wanted to avoid colleagues' reactions. »
"The facilitators quickly created a benevolent group atmosphere and facilitated discussions with other participants. These discussions are particularly interesting, they allow you to have the opinion of people in similar situations, not to feel isolated, to see more clearly about your brakes and desires by listening to theirs. The floor is free and we take the time to listen to everyone. »
"Interviews are real accelerators of action especially because it is very difficult to find or give yourself time to progress on your career project while you work at the same time. These moments force us to move forward. »
"The facilitators were really very attentive and gave very good advice, in addition to allowing us to meet some very interesting people who explained their background and their career switch. »
"This workshop gave impetus to my career plan . It also allowed me to make progress on the personal level, to confirm that we can do different things if we want to and enhance our skills. The individual interviews were a real plus, both professionally and personally. They have allowed me to progress on specific points, but also to become more aware of my strengths, and most importantly, to recognize them. »
"I really appreciated the facilitators: their experience in the research community and research careers (this was a fundamental asset), their kindness and willingness to dedicate time for us. »
"This workshop allowed me to ask myself the real questions about my desires and to go beyond the observation of dissatisfaction with my current situation."
"Thanks to the workshop I allowed me to think to myself."

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