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Themed workshop

Development of intercultural competence in a professional setting

[1 to 2 days]

Researchers are constantly adapting to different cultures and professional contexts, whether within laboratories, facing international collaborators or during scientific stays abroad. Language difficulties and cultural differences can play an important role in work involvement. This workshop helps researchers improve their ability to act appropriately and effectively in different cultural contexts.



Companies, research institutes, universities, foundations and other organizations: please contact us to schedule a session of this workshop.

Target audience:
PhD-holder -
PhD candidate -
Master or engineering degree holder/candidate -


  1. To cultivate intercultural awareness of your own cultural identity
  2. To understand and open up to the Other
  3. To manage cultural incidents thanks to intercultural communication skill
  4. To recognize the differences in codes used in communication: verbal and non-verbal


  1. Multidisciplinary group dynamic
  2. Interactive and game approach
  3. Personalized work in small groups with sharing of experiences


1 to 2 days

Methods and concepts:

  • The diversity of cultural profiles, cultural biases and complex worldview frameworks.
  • Key stages in the development of intercultural competence: attitudes, knowledge, skills.
  • Transparent and clear communication: SCORE principles
  • Process of intercultural adaptation and culture shock: advice on how to find a balance between work and personal life

Practical exercises:

  • Reflective work in pairs on the different aspects of identity
  • Game: speed-meeting, adopting different communication styles (verbal and non-verbal, direct and indirect, etc.).
  • Role playing "Creating an intercultural research lab". 


The training was excellent. The way of combining theory and practice was very interesting.
Thank you for this training which allowed us to open up and learn.
Metaphorically, this training represents an opening of doors. Mine and others', in a dialectical approach essential to give me the courage to move forward.

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