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Should I do a PhD? That is the question, and it is best to know your answer to it before making a three-year commitment or giving up due to a lack of information! Developed jointly by representatives of academia and the socio-economic sphere, AvanThèse is a workshop to help you reach an informed answer to that question.

Companies, research institutes, universities, foundations and other organizations: please contact us to schedule an AvanThèse workshop.

Target audience:
Master or engineering degree holder/candidate -


  1. Make informed decisions about your career path
  2. Understand the unique aspects and value of research training
  3. Foresee difficulties to avoid drop-outs and get the most out of the doctoral training program
  4. Become an architect of your own career


  1. Interdisciplinary and multi-cultural groups
  2. Co-construction of knowledge with the group, sharing of experience
  3. Learning by doing with individualized support (for the in-depth training)


2 formats: awareness workshop (one half-day) and in-depth training (1 to 3 days)

Awareness workshop

  • Collective discussion on the perceptions of doctoral programs
  • Pooling of trainee questions about doctoral programs and their own situations
  • In small groups, sharing of information to find answers to questions
  • Discussions on the information compiled, deeper analysis with the trainers
  • Conclusion

In-depth training – Three inter-related topics and an assessment

  • Your lifeline - one-on-one discussion in which potential candidates can express their aspirations and draw on past experiences to guide their career and training decisions.
  • Research and information gathering: How to use the internet (especially) to gather information and documentation to define your career plan. Pursue a  well-thought-out approach and become familiar with the appropriate tools.
  • Interviewing and networking: acquisition of methods and techniques for building a network of contacts, preparing and conducting efficient interviews with professionals including PhD-holders.
  • Assessment: writing a synthesis, developing a training strategy and a coherent career plan, presenting research outcomes to an audience.


“I wish to thank you for the mentoring session, which gave me peace of mind to head into my interview for a PhD admission at ULB. I followed your advice, I gave my presentation in front of the team, who seemed interested and asked me numerous questions. I was also able to spend the whole day in the laboratory. The day’s outcome was highly favourable: the team manager contacted me earlier this week to invite me to start my PhD program in early August… and I said yes!”
“I just wanted to keep you in the loop, and let you know that I received a favourable response after my interview. Thank you once again for the training workshop, which was really helpful for me. Now I am setting about writing my proposal to submit to the ANRT (French National Association of Research & Technology).”
“…This perspective will prove opportune for the (first) ULB participants in this unprecedented initiative. ABG and its partners have developed a very impressive tool. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to allow our “mentees” to take advantage of it. (Marc Vandeur – Département Enseignement – InfOR-emploi – Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
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