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Themed workshop

Writing an effective application: CV and cover letter (for non-academic sector)

[0.5 day]

The recruitment process requires you to communicate about your background, your experiences and your qualifications in various ways, in particular through your CV and cover letter. These documents must be representative of who you are and at the same time, meet recruiters’ expectations.

Companies, research institutes, universities, foundations and other organizations: please contact us to schedule your sessions.

Target audience:
PhD-holder -
PhD candidate -
Master or engineering degree holder/candidate -


  1. Understand the purpose of the CV and cover letter in the recruitment process
  2. Learn how to make your CV and cover letter an asset


  1. Personalized work in small groups with sharing of experiences
  2. Mix between conceptual content and practical exercises
  3. Several different workshops can be combined to build a tailor-made training program


One half-day for groups of about 10 trainees

Methods and concepts to take away:

  • Effective written communication
  • Writing a CV geared to the business sector
  • Writing a cover letter

Practical exercise: writing a cover letter


“It was very useful to attend a workshop led by someone thoroughly familiar with the job market for PhD-holders.”
“Highly enlightening as to how to adapt the CV and cover letter to a given job offer. The advice concerning the CV are tailored to each participant.”
"Dynamism, friendliness, ease of exchange and active listening! The contact was very pleasant and the trainers were able to answer all my questions."

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