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Themed workshop

Composing, organizing and writing your PhD thesis (in France)

[0.5 to 1 day]

The phase of actually writing the PhD thesis is one that many doctoral candidates fear for a variety of reasons: inadequate knowledge of the explicit and implicit rules, apprehensions about the very act of writing, the implications of giving formal shape to the research work, etc. This workshop is an opportunity to demystify the exercise by taking a look at the expectations of the academic system and the methods that work best for each doctoral candidate.

Companies, research institutes, universities, foundations and other organizations: please contact us to schedule your session.

Target audience:
PhD candidate -


  1. Understand the specific characteristics of a doctoral thesis and the jury’s expectations
  2. Organize and plan the writing of your thesis in a realistic manner
  3. Foresee the difficulties and avoid pitfalls
  4. Approach the act of writing the thesis with greater peace of mind


  1. Personalized work in small groups, with sharing of experiences
  2. Advice on methodology and organization


One half to one day, for a group of about ten trainees

Methods and concepts to take away:

  • What is a doctoral thesis and who will read it? 
  • Starting to write your thesis
  • Organizing the writing of one’s thesis
  • Writing
  • Structuring and presenting your thesis
  • Once the thesis is written….

Practical exercise: writing the outline of your thesis


“This training workshop is very valuable for doctoral candidates starting to think about writing their thesis.”
“This workshop is very well designed and delivered. The presentation is pleasant and well-paced. Useful documentation. Keep up the good work!”
“I found it beneficial that the workshop lasted for a full day so we had a chance to apply the concepts developed during the presentation. Moreover, the practical exercises help us clarify our ideas, see the difficulties ahead, but they also reassure us about quality of our production.”
"I appreciated the fact that all aspects related to the writing of the thesis were addressed, including organizational aspects."
"At the end of the course, I managed to draw up my thesis plan. I am therefore very satisfied."
"The training helped me to better organize the thesis plan, as well as to evaluate the relevance of several points of my thesis."
"This training is essential for writing the thesis."

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