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PhD's voices : Mathilde Maillard, PhD candidate in materials science and entrepreneur

This summer we interviewed Mathilde Maillard, a PhD candidate in materials science and an entrepreneur from Lyon. We discussed her background, her recent mobility experience in London, as well as her (many) commitments outside of her PhD program! In this first article, she shares with us her background and her perception of the PhD experience!

PhD story: Marjorie Meunier, from anthropologist to entrepreneur

As a daughter of fairground workers, amongst whom higher education graduates are not that common, Marjorie Meunier has led a very unusual career path. She evolved from a PhD in anthropology to business consulting. In this article, she shares with us her journey that led her to create her own company.

Vivien Badaut, PhD, innovation consultant

Ludovic Fery

Vivien Badaut is now working in Leeds as an independent consultant and supports R&D-intensive companies by offering them different kinds of services: searching for European funding, building a business plan, writing technical reports… Through his history, Vivien Badaut, as a PhD in nuclear chemistry, confirms that networking is of a great help when it comes to career development.

François Quemeneur, from a PhD in biophysics to entrepreneurship

Ludovic Fery

françois quemeneur

After a PhD in physics and a MBA in innovation management, François Quemeneur started a young innovative company with his partner. Freelance consulting missions gave him the project to focus his work on small structures, before deciding to create his own business.

Making the most out of PhDs - An interview with Camille Delebecque, Synthetic Biologist and International Serial Entrepreneur

This week, we catch up with Camille Delebecque to discuss his PhD, his experience with research and academia in general. Camille is a very successful entrepreneur and is the founder of the first Synthetic Biology consulting company, Synbio Consulting. Camille made a number of unusual choices during his curriculum and we were really curious to ask him about these and more generally his experience with the academic world and advise. Here is only a short testimony; if you want to reach out to him you can find him on twitter.