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ABG needs you!

ABG is still growing on the European scene and participates in a trinational contest organised by the Bosch Foundation. ABG, together with FGU and UIF, has submitted a project dedicated to the career development of doctorate holders. Support our project by voting for it before April 15!



About our project

Target group

How to support us



About our project

We will organise a new edition of Crossborder Postdoctoriales between France, Germany and Italy. This project is a career workshop where participants will have time to think about their professional identity, their wishes, to understand the recruitment process and recruiters’ expectations in different countries, to discover new career path and to develop their network by meeting professionals.


  • poster session
  • presentation of the job market in the three countries
  • work on values and network
  • work on the professional goals
  • preparation for job interviews
  • testimonials of doctorate holders


Target group

Doctorate holders from all fields:

  • working on temporary positions in research institutes in France, Germany or Italy
  • looking for a job
  • preparing their return mobility
  • following their spouse who has just found a job opportunity in one of the three countries (dual career)


How to support us?

The 6 projects for which people will vote the most will be funded by the Bosch Foundation. That’s why we need you to make our project happen!

To vote:


Last but not least, spread the word around you: we need your votes!



Bérénice Kimpe – International cooperation manager
Tel. : (+33) (0)1 42 74 45 46