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The Cross-border Postdoctoriales are back!

For the 4th year in a row, ABG and its partners organize a new edition of Cross-border Postdoctoriales. This career workshop is dedicated to postdocs and unemployed doctorate holders. On your marks? Ready? Apply!



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You are currently working in a research institute in France, Germany or Luxemburg. Your fixed-term contract is about to end and you are wondering what you are going to do next? You are looking for a job or you have just come back from your research stay abroad? You follow your spouse who has just found a job opportunity in one of the three countries?

Be part of the fourth cross-border Postdoctoriales that are organized from 4 to 7 December by ABG, the French-German University, the Luxemburg National Research Funds (FNR), the Luxemburg Institute of Health (LIH), the Luxemburg Institute for Socio-Economic Research (LISER), the Luxemburg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the University of Luxemburg.

The perfect opportunity to take (finally) some time to think about your professional identity, your wishes, to understand the recruitment process and recruiters’ expectations in different countries, to discover new career path and develop your network by meeting professionals…


is it worth participating?

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What do beneficiaries think of it?

“It was a space to ask myself those important questions that in the daily life you don´t have time to answer.”

“As the atmosphere was very friendly and casual, we were able to ask many frank questions which we might not have a chance to ask in a professional setting.”

“To me the most important outcome was the increased self-awareness of my person and of my potential and skills.“

“The workshop gave me more confidence and a better general knowledge of the prospective jobs on the market for life sciences PhD holders.”

“Know yourself. Talk to people/do networking. Be curious. The workshop will definitely help me setting a proper plan for the future.”

“I have the feeling that I know what to do to clarify my future career plans!”


What do supporting research institutes think of it?

"The Crossborder Postdoctoriales are a unique opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to reflect on their career orientation. This intense four-day workshops creates awareness on alternative career paths and the current job market in the Greater Region. It allows the young scientists to network with peers and get in touch with PhD holders and recruiters from different sectors and fields of expertise. Furthermore, the event strengthens the confidence the postdoctoral researchers have in their technical and personal competences and shows them how to valorise these skills when applying for a non-academic job position. By supporting the Crossborder Postdoctoriales for the fourth consecutive time, our research institution aims to open new career perspectives to its postdoctoral researchers and improve their preparation for the next career step."

Luxembourg Institute of Health, Dr Malou Fraiture

application and practical info

Do you want to participate? Join us, registration is open until 16 July!

  • participation fees : 120 €
  • language : English
  • costs for room and board are covered by the organisators. Transport costs are at the expense of participants.
  • participants will be accomodated in double room in the Youth Hostel of Luxemburg-City

For further information on the selection process, please read the following documents:

call for applications


registration form



Bérénice Kimpe - International Cooperation


Tel. : (+33) (0)1 42 74 45 46


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