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Find all the content (in English) of the Franco-German webinar on the mobility and career development of PhDs!

Association Bernard Gregory, in partnership with the Franco-German University, Institut Français in Germany and the French Embassy in Berlin, organized on July 9, 2020 an information day for young researchers about mobility and career development. If you were unable to attend or if you wish to see it again, it's this way!



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As every year since 2014, ABG and its partners the Franco-German University, Campus France Berlin, Institut Français in Germany and the Science and Technology Department of the French Embassy in Berlin are organizing the Franco-German Young Researchers' Day. Following COVID-19, this day has been turned into a webinar of 2 sessions: one on mobility funding schemes and one on career development after a PhD.


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Session 1: PhD mobility funding schemes and support for career development

Speakers: Eva-Maria Hengsbach (FGU), Janique Bikomo (DAAD), Bérénice Kimpe (ABG), Dario Müller (France Alumni)


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Session 2: PhD career development in academia and beyond, in France and Germany

Speakers: Pierre Passot & Dr. Christoph Vernaleken (Airbus), Dr. Tobias Rödel (Nature), Dr. Cyriac Massué (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie), Dr. Stéphane Baudron (CNRS)


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Session 1

Presentation of FGU

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Session 2

Presentation of Dr. Tobias Rödel