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Watch online our webinars on PhD career development and intersectoral mobility

As part of its missions around the geographical and intersectoral mobility of PhDs, ABG has organized during the lockdown a series of webinars, now accessible by replay on its YouTube channel.


Webinars for all

Webinar for companies

Webconferences as discussion groups for best practice

Webinars for all

Speaker: Michel Viso, Head of Astrobiology at CNES

During this session, Michel Viso shares the main stages of his career and addresses the issue of the non-linearity of career paths, as well as its different levers: curiosity, open-mindedness and decision-making... He also discusses relations with the world of industry and services, and advises doctors on how to adapt their behaviour in order to make a successful transition to the private sector.



- Fabien Agenes, PhD, attaché for scientific cooperation at Consulat Général de France à Vancouver ;
- Audrey Boyer, PhD, R&D engineer at Genethon ;
- Louise Lassalle, PhD, Assistant Director of Life Design lab at Johns Hopkins University.

- research landscape in North America ;
- preparation for mobility: identifying its motivations and objectives, identifying employers and funding, preparing the practical aspects (e.g. visa, housing, social security...) ;
- preparation of the return from mobility;
- valorization of the international experience.


Speaker: Patrick Eparvier, PhD, Senior consultant, economist at Technopolis Group`

Topics discussed :
- career development outside academia ;
- working as a consultant ;
- experience in international organisation ;
- marketing your skills.


You have decided to go abroad for your research project ? And you are considering France? Rank 4 in hosting international PhD candidates before the USA and Germany, France offers many opportunities for international PhDs in academia and in industry. Discover them by watching the replay of this webinar organised by ABG and the French diplomacy network in Northern America.

Speakers :
- Serawit Bruck, PhD, Scientific director at Sidaction ;
- Lydie Jeux, PhD, Grant manager at Elvesys ;
- Mathura Shanmugasundaram , PhD, Associate Director of Global Scientific Communications, at Biogen ;
- Naomi Taylor , PhD, Research director at IGMM.



webinar for companies

You are a company (of any size and in any sector), an association, a museum, an international organisation or a foundation. You are involved in research activities and are considering recruiting a researcher for a project lasting 12 to 24 months. A European programme allows you to recruit international profiles and to fully fund the salary of your researcher, while having immediate cash flow: the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions. In this webinar you will learn about the funding modalities and the system to speed up and facilitate obtaining a visa for your international researcher.



Jérôme Billé, General Delegate at France Innovation ;
- Jean-Jacques Bernardini, PhD,  from NCP MSCA ;
Bérénice Kimpe, Head of International Department at ABG ;
- Béatrice Noel, from French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


webconferences as group discussions for best practice during lockdown

In addition to these webinars, ABG also offered several series of webconferences during the lockdown and the phase out of it. These were times for exchange, reflection and personal advice, in small groups of 8 people. Their objectives were to be able to exchange around a theme, your resources and your possible hindrances, in order to better accompany you in your reflections.

Here are a few testimonials from participants in these sessions and webinars:

I really enjoyed yesterday's exchange, it was very interesting to get the point of view of other PhD students. Being already a difficult journey, the current situation makes it even more so.
I found the tools and resources presented to help us find opportunities and contacts targeted to the positions we are interested in very useful.  
I was able to add these groups to my linkedin to find contacts and exchange ideas.
Thanks for all the good advice. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. This session was planned for 8 people and I'm delighted because the time went by very quickly. It was hard to find fault...
I participated in the webinar "Research opportunities in France", which was very enriching with its panel of exceptional women. I hope to be aware of many more such events.
Yesterday's web conference was very helpful. I especially appreciated the fact that we came from different backgrounds and had a great time of discussion. I might have more details about docpro tools.
It was interesting to exchange and compare one's own views on the exploration of employment, the importance of the network, how to maintain it [...] I was able to read the ABG's guide to international mobility.
In a period of confinement it is very useful to be able to exchange in this way in a small group.

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