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DocPro: the skills database dedicated to PhD candidates and holders has a new look!

The DocPro skills reference tool, offered by France Universités, MEDEF and ABG, has had a makeover and is back in a simplified version, with a more pleasant design and improved ergonomics.

This is an opportunity to (re)discover this comprehensive tool, essential to the identification and enhancement of PhD skills.

Docpro : le référenciel des compétences doctorales au service du rapprochement docteurs (PhDs) - entreprises 

Docpro : un outil d'aide à la création de votre profil de compétences

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DocPro offers PhD holders, companies, doctoral schools and laboratories a vision of the skills that a PhD candidate develops at different stages of their career. This tool is the result of a dialogue between participants from the academic and economic worlds.


By offering a full description of the skills of doctors (PhDs), DocPro meets a 3 needs:

  • to advance the idea that a PhD holder, trained through a scientific research, is a professional with all the skills and personal qualities necessary to meet the expectations of companies;
  • to bring the worlds of research and business closer together by developing shared vocabulary;
  • to facilitate communication between PhD holders open to work and recruiters.

A common referral system for PhD holders and businesses

For companies, innovation, inventiveness and adaptability to a complex and changing world of multiple crises is a major challenge. Doctors (Ph.D. holders) have these very abilities. The practice of research, during the completion of their PhD program and then throughout their career, allows these scientists to develop methods, creativity, and an ability to understand complex problems, which are particularly valuable for companies, regardless of their size or the sector in which they operate.



This is why three partners formed a working group composed of experts from the economic sector (business leaders, representatives of MEDEF - network of entrepreneurs in France, and professional organizations) and the academic sector (directors of doctoral schools, representatives of France Universités, communities of universities and institutions, and grandes écoles). This working group was led by ABG.

Its aim is to define together the skills PhD holders develop at each stage of their career.

This work has resulted in the development of an operational tool to:

  • PhD holders who wish to build their arguments for their job search or to evaluate themselves in their professional progression;
  • Managers and recruiters interested in having a reference profile in order to better understand the full potential of a doctoral career;
  • Academic managers (director of a doctoral school, university vice-president, head of professional integration, laboratory director, etc.), who wish to strengthen the preparation of PhD candidates for the labour market.

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DocPro provides a clear, well-ordered view of the skills you can offer. It is also a tool for reflection, self-assessment and communication that can prove to be a powerful ally in the creation of the portfolio and in the preparation of your professional mobility.

To this end, the DocPro application leads you step by step to:

  • identify the skills;
  • situate your progression in terms of the three proposed phases;
  • illustrate each of your skills with actual experience that demonstrates how you acquired them;
  • upload and share your profile on mydocpro.org.
  • publier votre profil sur mydocpro.org et le partager.

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In France, the decree of May 25, 2016, whose objective was to set the national framework for doctoral training as well as the procedures leading to the award of the national doctoral diploma, introduced a new concept: the PhD candidates portfolio. This must include the activities carried out during the doctorate and the skills developed.


To help you create, fill out and maintain your profile, we have provided:

  • helpful step-by-step guide to help you create your Docpro profile (available in English and French):

S'approprier DocPro pour valoriser ses compétences doctorales  How to use Docpro to market your skills
Consulter ou télécharger le guide pratique [FR]    Consult or download the step-by-step guide [EN]
  • COMING SOON >> a tutorial video to help you fill out your DocPro profile, with a bonus selection of best practices and tips for using DocPro at key stages in your career development.

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DocPro also provides a series of video testimonials from experienced executives, recruiters, and academic leaders who discuss various aspects of doctoral skills and the use of DocPro.


Video testimonials available on DocPro

Visionnez dès à présent, les trois nouvelles interviews de recruteurs. Elles donnent la parole à :

Xavier LITRICO, Directeur Recherche et Scientifique du Groupe SUEZ

Pauline EVENO, présidente de Co-fondatrice de SYOS ;


Olivier ACHER, Directeur Innovation & PoC chez HORIBA France



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