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La démarche Réseau

Networking or Not Working, it's up to you!

Hervé Bommelaer is an outplacement consultant at Enjeux Dirigeants. For many years, he has been assisting senior executives in their professional repositioning.


He is the author of seven books on networking, including “Trouver le bon job grâce au Réseau (Finding the right job through networking)” and “Recherche d’emploi - conseils des pros (Job Search – Advice from Professionals)” (Eyrolles).

Hands-on guide on how to pitch for a network interview

Pitches should not be improvised on the spot. The best pitchers may lead you to believe that the speaker is improvising. But in fact, that's not the case— Pitching allows you to get back to basics, avoiding the pitfall of over-exploitation (which often stifles comprehension).

Here's a method and a few tips to help you introduce yourself - and inspire others to find out more about you!

How to prepare and maintain your network: networking events (face-to-face or online)

Networking is a powerful career booster. And one of the places to put it into practice for optimum outcomes is during networking events.

Here are a few tips on how to optimize your network approach before and after these events.

Make your network happy, solicit it!

Did you know that an experiment with very young children can encourage you to network?

Vivien Badaut, PhD, innovation consultant

Ludovic Fery

Vivien Badaut is now working in Leeds as an independent consultant and supports R&D-intensive companies by offering them different kinds of services: searching for European funding, building a business plan, writing technical reports… Through his history, Vivien Badaut, as a PhD in nuclear chemistry, confirms that networking is of a great help when it comes to career development.

Excerpts from ESOF 2016: get a job in industry

Sarah Blackford, Academic and science career consultant

ESOF 2016

What better way for PhD students and researchers to find out how to get a job in industry than to ask employers and careers adviser professionals directly? In a face-to-face 'Question Time' career session during the ESOF 2016 conference last July, the 'Fish Bowl' format of 'Life after a PhD' enabled participants to do just that. With a line-up of speakers from six European countries, representing large and small international companies, recruitment and career professional agencies, including ABG, the audience was in good hands.

ABC-advice for PhDs looking for a job outside academia

Author: Bérénice Kimpe - International Cooperation

For each letter of the alphabet, you will find one piece of advice. Today, let's discover what's behind the 5 first letters!

Networking – the holiday version

Bérénice Kimpe - Franco-German branch office ABG-FGU

Here we are, summer has finally arrived and it’s holiday season. If you have decided to travel, you may have visited Tripadvisor to find your accommodation, your flight, some restaurants or to get an idea about your future destination. There is nothing better than knowing the opinion of people who already stayed where you will (probably) spend your holidays: this can save you from disappointment and frustration.

Concerning professional development, your professional Tripadvisor is your network. By approaching professionals of a certain sector or with a distinct profession, you can specify your professional destination.

PhD 2.0: on the road to personal branding!

Wojciech Lewandowski - Community manager

With the widespread use of the Internet and professional networks, managing your visibility and your identity on the web is more and more important for your career. Your presence on the Internet is crucial: it will help you to be identified and recognized as an expert in your domain, to develop your network and to have access to the hidden job market. Don’t be afraid and adopt a global approach for personal branding: apply to yourself the communication methods used by big companies. Wow. Don’t panic, choosing the content is the most complicated part, not the technology!

Survival guide for people who are uncomfortable at network evenings

Author: Bérénice Kimpe (Head of International Department)

After hearing that you need to network, you finally got going and signed up for a networking party. Congratulations! Problem: you're not one of those people who feel at home wherever they go and make contacts in the blink of an eye. Here are a few personal tips on how to make the most of these networking evenings!