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Checklist for Preparing a Job Fair and Networking Efficiently

You are about to attend to a career fair or a networking event. You will meet professionals who may help you for your career development plan. Are you ready to meet and exchange with them, to develop efficiently your network? If not, have a look at our check-list!

Learn about the participating companies and the speakers

Study the event program to identify companies and people present. A better knowledge of these will help you prepare your approach and questions.

Set goals for yourself

 List your personal goals for this event: people to meet, information to collect, having your CV checked…

Plan your visit

Organize your day according to your priorities and the event schedule. Set appointments with exhibitors or speakers in advance if possible.

Prepare your CV

 Prepare different versions of your resume based on your job objectives. Don’t forget to bring multiple copies and a digital version. 

Bring your business cards

 A business card with your basic contact information will show that you are prepared and help people remember you. You can use the backside of the card for additional information on your profile and experience.

Prepare a professional outfit

A neat and formal outfit will make you credible as a professional in the eyes of your interlocutors.

Be early

Have a chance to discuss with the exhibitors without waiting in line by arriving as soon as the fair opens.

Have a pitch

Be ready to describe yourself in 2 minutes to people you meet: Who are you? What have you achieved? What would you like to do? For more information, check out our tips for giving a great pitch.