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Webinar - PhD: choosing France for your research (life sciences)

You have decided to go abroad for your research project but you don’t know yet which country will host you. Why not France? Rank 4 in hosting international PhD candidates before the USA and Germany, France offers many opportunities for international PhDs in academia and in industry. Watch the full session of the webinar organised together by ABG and jobs.ac.uk and get an access to additional information to make your stay in France easier!



"Choose France"


Watch the full session

Additional information to prepare your stay in France

About ABG

Choose France

France, a country equally renowned for its culture and cuisine as it is for its world leading research, has never stopped redefining its role at the centre of international research. The country’s research strategy is continuously fine-tuned to address the current scientific challenges and has helped to secure France’s place among the world’s leading powers in research. These qualities have long been attracting international scholars and scientists to France.

France aims to provide an increasingly easier access to its universities and research facilities, and a warm welcome for those who want to share their talents. Mobility grants, partnerships, and international cooperation are just some of the ways of encouraging researchers from abroad.


The webinar: programme

To help you explore a full range of opportunities that France offers to international researchers, jobs.ac.uk has teamed up with Association Bernard Gregory to hold a FREE 60-minute live online event (webinar) called ‘Research Opportunities in France’.

It took place online, with YouTube Live, on the 14th of March at 2 pm (GMT).

By watching this webinar you will learn:

  • What opportunities are there for PhDs (from finding a PhD onwards; in academia and industry) and which support you can get
  • How to find these opportunities
  • How to fund a PhD and/or postdoc
  • What recruiters in academia and industry expect from PhDs in the recruitment process (application, interview, skills, behaviour…)
  • Why companies are recruiting international PhDs
  • What makes France attractive for doctoral candidates and doctorate holders

Meet the panellists
Dr Roxane Brachet, Project Manager at Genopole
Dr Marc Chevalier, Scientific Career Management Specialist at Institut Pasteur
Dr Joel Richard, Head of Technical and Pharmaceutical Operations at Medincell
Bérénice Kimpe, International Partnership Development Manager at ABG - berenice.kimpe@abg.asso.fr


Watch the full session

If you couldn't attend the live session, here is the link to watch the session:

Full session

Additional information

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During the session, some acronyms and information have been given. Here are some useful links to help you prepare your mobility to France.

1. Where do you find postdocs and positions in industry for PhDs?

ABG is the main platform for research in France. You will find research internships, fully funded thesis proposals, postdoc positions, jobs in companies. As a candidate, you can upload your CV in our CV-library, in French and/or in English.

2. More about the participating organisations

International doctoral programme : https://www.pasteur.fr/en/education/ppu

Postdoctoral positions: research.pasteur.fr

Career page: emploi.pasteur.fr

Call for projects « 5-year groups and researchers»: https://research.pasteur.fr/en/calls

About Genopole Biocluster

3. Answers to specific questions

Institut de l’Audition: https://www.fondationpourlaudition.org/en/research/institut-de-laudition-122

Research landscape in France:

Funding schemes:

About ABG

Association Bernard Gregory (ABG) is a French non-profit organization that was created in 1980. It aims to connect doctorate holders with employers from both academic and economic sectors.

Because public research in France (as in many countries in Europe) has been facing some challenges such as fewer permanent positions, an increase in temporary contracts and a limitation of their duration, ABG is especially focused on helping PhD holders to achieve a smooth transition into the business sector. That is why it has developed many tools and workshops to implement an efficient job search strategy (speaking the same language as the recruiters, marketing your research experience outside academia, knowing recruiters’ expectations and the recruitment process, etc.). It also offers a job board where thesis proposals and jobs for PhDs are advertised.

ABG is becoming more and more active on the international scene. A Franco-German branch has been created with the support of the Franco-German University. ABG is also part of the Euraxess network as Career development Centre.

More info on www.abg.asso.fr