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All you need to know before going abroad!

Do you need practical information and tips to prepare your mobility as a PhD in Europe? If you do, this is the place to be! You will find here 6 videos summarizing the main topics of our event “Researchers without borders - #EU4PHD”: recruitment process in academia and in industry, (post)doctoral funding schemes, public-private partnerships in research and their impact on career development, EU-incentives to make a mobility in Europe easier. And a bonus video for organizations interested in working with us for a new edition of this event!


Recruitment process in Europe: a panel discussion by ABG for the University of Torino

Author: Bérénice Kimpe (Head of International Department)

For the second edition of its PhD Day organized by Lucia Salto, project manager for PhD career development at the University of Torino, ABG invited 6 speakers from  European companies to talk about the recruitment of PhDs in their organisations. The topics covered include the different steps from sourcing to recruiting, the do’s and don’ts in the application and interview, their expectations towards PhDs…


Un post-doc européen et après ?

Evelyne Jardin

Frédérique Donsanti est docteur en chimie des procédés. Partie en Italie pendant deux ans et demi sur un projet de recherche européen, elle est rentrée en France dans son labo de thèse à l’Ecole supérieure de chimie de Paris. Un retour à la case départ ?