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Thesis topic Biotechnology

University of Exeter Thesis
Exeter, United Kingdom
Antimicrobial resistance has evolved into a major healthcare threat which is further exacerbated by the diminished number of antibiotics in development. Alternatives to antibiotics such as phages and phage endolysins (their lytic enzymes) are being ac ...
Biotechnology - Biochemistry
microfluidics, directed evolution, antimicrobial resistance, microengineering
Ref. ABG-94700
Thesis topic
Other public funding
Université de Liège Thesis
Liège, Belgium
L’objectif premier de ce projet est de proposer une alternative aux antibiotiques dans un contexte sociétal qui, à terme, en condamne l’utilisation chez les animaux de rente. La première cible de ce projet concerne les ...
Biotechnology - Biology - Health, human and veterinary medicine
microbiome, probiotique, vaccin, veau,
Ref. ABG-94317
Thesis topic
Public funding alone (i.e. government, region, European, international organization research grant)
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